So Happy !!!

I sooooooo happy !!!

I got BUBBLES !!!

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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24 Responses to So Happy !!!

  1. jaypo says:

    Awwwww, this makes me feel so good to look at!

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks!!! Not floofy like the miao brothers……but bubbling over with cute….I love his smile !!!

  3. LBeeeze says:

    Thank you !! He makes me feel good too…how could you not when you see his beautiful smile !!

  4. Blake says:

    Now how do these people think I am going to get up???

  5. LBeeeze says:

    Thank you !1
    OMG….he is just so beautiful !! That happy smile !!! I would love to be able to take photographs like this.

  6. SweetMisery says:

    Now that is one happy elephant. Rarely do we see them.

  7. LBeeeze says:

    Oh, thank you !! He sure is….he must have a happy place to be !!

  8. nourwerth says:

    if only life was like this everyday!

  9. Waterbaby says:

    fantastico!!! mygawd, how can you not crack up looking at this!!??

  10. LBeeeze says:

    Wouldn't that be GREAT !!! He's having sooooooo much fun !!!

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks !!! No kidding…..I can't help but smile ear to ear every time I see this. I would LOVE to take photographs like this. The photographer (unknown…I spied the pic on the LOL Builder) captured a winning moment for sure.

  12. OMG!!!! The Cute is TOO MUCH!!!

  13. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks !!! He's just bubbling over with fun !!!

  14. Carlisa says:

    Yay! How cute! I'm just glad the bubbles are coming from the NOSE!

  15. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahaha….Isn't that the greatest ??!! He's actually squirting water out his nose…such a sweet fella !!

  16. I gave husband the link, this is now his desktop at work. He adores elephants.

  17. LBeeeze says:

    OMG !!!! How incredibly cool !! Thanks for telling me !! I just have to make up a name for this little guy……or should I say girl ???

  18. husband says "little?" Haha!

  19. LBeeeze says:

    Well, he has a point !!

  20. BUBBLES! bubblesbubblesbubbles! My bubbles. ::puts fins possessively over treasure chest of bubbles::

  21. LBeeeze says:

    oh, LOL !!!! : )

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