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  1. I wanted to say those are the cutest little tech support reps I’ve ever seen, but then I read your post. AT&T is the worst! They were my first wireless phone company, and I swear I almost gave up using a cellphone after dealing with them. When I was having trouble with my old Nokia, the person I was talking to told me to disconnect the battery from my phone. “I’m talking on my cellphone right now,” I said. “That’s okay. Disconnect it.” Really??? Of course the phone went dead. I had to get on a landline and call AT&T again, and wait another five minutes before someone picked up. It wasn’t the same person, thank goodness, but I had this vision of the “Help” desk being staffed with the guys who were too inept to do real tech work. (That’s what they do in technical writing, by the way. The people who can’t master tech training get assigned to writing the software and instruction manuals, which is why the damned things never make sense. And never mind the manuals that are written by a guy who never mastered English in the first place….)

    Have you thought of just switching carriers? Or maybe you’re still on contract with AT&T? I’m currently on Verizon, and while they’re expensive, their service has improved a lot in the ten years I’ve been with them. I was also wondering if you could bring it to an AT&T store and see if they can re-download the software on your phone. Sometimes a glitch gets into the OS of the phone and you have clean it out and get a reload.

    My older daughter and son-in-law also recommended I get an Android phone if I ever decide to get a smartphone. They say everything, including email, works better on them.

    • jaklumen says:

      Score another point for Linux! (Yes, Android is derived from Linux.)

      • You’d probably like this t-shirt, then:


        Daughter #1 and her husband used to have iPhones, but dumped them because they hated AT&T’s service, and because Apple kept updating and expanding the phone’s OS until their old first-generation phones couldn’t handle it anymore. It was like Steve Jobs was forcing them to buy new phones—even if the second-generation wasn’t any better and was in some cases worst (finger over the antenna glitch, anyone?). The Android phones, bought from another carrier, are supple, fast and have almost as many apps as the iPhone. If only they’d sell a model for under $100, I’d snap one up.

        • LBeeeze says:

          Snort…..love the T-shirt design!!! The Inspire 4g is 99.00 with a two year commitment. Don’t now if it’s available on Verizon. I’m doing my research.

      • LBeeeze says:

        No kidding??!! I had no idea that Linux and Android were even related. Thx!!!

    • LBeeeze says:

      Finally, after another hour tonight with Motorola tech support it finally works. OMGosh….how incredibly frustrating.

      I used to have Sprint years ago and their network seemed superior in that there were less dropped calls and voice quality was better, but they were constantly overcharging, sometime by hundreds of dollars. I had to call customer support over and over again to TRY to get the billing errors fixed. It made me absolutely crazy. I do have to say that I don’t recall any billing issues with AT&T. Hopefully their network quality will improve.

      I have tape across my phone to hold the keys on cause they’ve started to fall off. I’m looking at Androids myself.

    • LBeeeze says:

      Oh, and thanks very much!!!!

  2. pyrit says:

    Sorry, I am too clueless to help, but here’s a big (((HUG))). 🙂
    Shakes fist at AT&T/Yahoo.

    • LBeeeze says:

      Thanks so much for your support!!! That hug feels so much better!!! OMGosh can you believe it took 3 hours with tech support to finally fix it?? It wore me out!!

  3. Lauri says:

    Those buns are so cute I want to pop them into my mouf!

    Tech support! Yikes!!! I would much rather hear the little snuffles as they sniff the phone and crunchies as they nibble on the grass!

  4. *hug* Arg! So frustrating! (also makes me glad to not have AT&T….although I’ll be saying something different if the merger goes through :P)
    I hope you get everything figured out soon!

    • LBeeeze says:

      After another hour with Motorola tech support it’s finally working. Phew, that wore me out. I really feel sorry for the help desk people. They aren’t adequately trained by any means. It’s very sad. They can’t help because they don’t know what they’re doing, and that’s a training issue. Both ATT people tried to sell me something after they couldn’t help me. Now that was rediculous!!!

      Thanks so much!!!!

      • Really? How does corporate (since they’re the ones that come up with these things and not tech support) think that it’s ok to try and sell you something when you’re having trouble? Yeeeesh! *sigh*
        I’m so glad T-Mobile has nice people…

        • LBeeeze says:

          I told both of them not to try to sell me something when my service wasn’t working. It’s not their fault, personally. They’re required to make the offer or they’d probably loose their jobs. Call center work is really hard, especially when you don’t have the training to deal with the issues. It’s got to be brutal.

          It is funny though that the first person said I’d have to upgrade my yahoo email if I expected it to work and then she said it was my device….hahahahahahahaha…that was a ploy to get me to buy a new phone. I need one (my keys are being held on by tape) but I sure wasn’t going to renew with them if I couldn’t get the email to work.

          • I know it’s not their fault, it’s the management’s fault for dreaming up something like that. And it’s not fair to any worker or customer when people aren’t trained correctly. Plus, it reflects poorly on the business.
            Well, I hope you find something that works out

            • LBeeeze says:

              Thank you sooooooo much!!! I’ve spent hours doing research. I’ve got to replace my phone before it falls apart. Can’t afford to be without it now.

  5. kimkiminy says:

    I HATE Yahoo, and AT&T, too, for that matter. Remember when I set up my blog on my own domain, and it didn’t work out and I went back to WordPress? (Why is it that WordPress thinks the word “WordPress” is misspelled, but not “Yahoo” or “AT&T”? Really?)
    Anyhoo, I did take that opportunity to set up my own email address as well, just so I could give Yahoo the heave. It was SO good. I’d recommend Gmail. It’s a good product, and also web-based.
    BTW? Those bunnies — I must eat them. They are too cute to keep my lips away from.

    • LBeeeze says:

      I totally considered Gmail, but I’ve got a lot of resumes out there with the Yahoo address so I really have to stick with it right now. Phew, so glad it’s finally working.

      Those buns are the best tech support team I’ve seen in forever!!!

      Thanks so much!!!

  6. akamonsoon says:

    Oh man! What a pain! I hope you can get it resolved quickly.

    Those buns are adorable!

    • LBeeeze says:

      After another hour with Motorola tech support it’s finally working. I’m so relieved!!!!

      The bun-tech team are the best and the brightest. They’re outstanding soft-ware specialists too!!!

      Hehehehehehehehehehehe….thanks so much!!!

  7. Aussie Emjay says:

    How frustrating! I wouldn’t be any help with advice as I only use my mobile for the old fashioned ringing and receiving calls and this new-fangled thing called texting :-). I have pay-as-you-go T-Mobile – but I think they just got bought out by AT&T……

    • LBeeeze says:

      Unfortunately I’m at a place where people have to be able to reach me about other opportunities and I have to be able to respond quickly. Dang. It’s very stressful.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts!!!

  8. pyrit says:

    Hi LBeeeze. Aaack. Speaking of tech support – all day I can’t access any of my peep’s blogs unless I do a search. WP has been acting very glitchy lately. Have you noticed?

    • LBeeeze says:

      Oh no on the no access thing. So sorry to hear that. I spent so much time with tech support and other non-fun stuff that I haven’t done much visiting. I hope to do some visiting tonight.

      I have noticed that when I load my subscriptions while using Internet Explorer I have to scroll all the way to the right to see the postings. It’s very annoying. It adds an extra step every time I try to view the subscriptions.

      Hugs. Hope it gets fixed fast!!!

      • pyrit says:

        Subscriptions are loading today – yay! Yours too I hope.

        Now that your “device” is working I hope you get some great opportunities! Go LBeeeze!

  9. littlemiao says:

    aw, that’s no fun! i need to change my provider but i’m guessing at&t isn’t the way to go? i’ve needed to switch for months but i keep putting it off because there doesn’t seem to be a company out there that i haven’t heard bad things about. my mobile phone company has changed hands three times in the last three years – i can’t even remember who i started with!

    cute bunnies! 🙂

    • LBeeeze says:

      I don’t even remember who I was originally with either. It’s kind of hard to change when you’ve got family members with a particular provider. You’re right about there not being any companies that don’t have problems. They all do.

      Good lucky with choosing your provider. Maybe you can go the no-contract route until you’ve at least experienced the network availability and reliability.

      Thanks so much for dropping in!! At least this tech support team are sweet and soft!!

      • littlemiao says:

        the no-contract thing is a good idea! the company i originally signed up with was okay, but then they were bought out by verizon and then verizon sold them to some local start-up that doesn’t offer any plans i like.

        if only all tech support were so squee-ful!

        • LBeeeze says:

          Glad you liked the idea. Networks in some areas are better than others. It’s a good way to decide who you think works better.

          The keys are falling off my phone, so I had to order another one. Dang…what a HARD decision that was!!! It feels like a HUGE commitment. I’ve been really happy with my current phone….so happy I wore the keys out. The scotch tape is holding for now. I really did put the decision off as long as I could, so I know how you feel.

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