What Was I Thinking….

What was I thinking…. 

Shiny Shoes

These shoes really hurt my feet.


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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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8 Responses to What Was I Thinking….

  1. But you look so good in them! At least, that’s what my friends always tell me when I wear heels. :p

    • LBeeeze says:

      But their feet aren’t feeling the pain when the heels are too high. How many times have I bought shoes thinking, “I can wear these…sure I can,” only later to conclude “What was I thinking?”

      Thanks so much!!!

  2. ladyapolline says:

    Hey Guy, what happened to your shoes ?

  3. pyrit says:

    Black Beauty. I admire horses sooo much but don’t know anything about them. I didn’t know they could turn up their hooves like that. I would think the front hoof would curl under instead?

    • LBeeeze says:

      I think it’s actually the floof that’s making the hooves look turned up. I’ve never seen hoof floof like that before. It looks really fancy.

      Thanks so much!!!

  4. geologywoman says:

    LOL – Kate Moss has nothing on this horse.

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