Oh, Really….

Oh, really….

Coffee Hound

How could you possibly NOT have any coffee ??


About LBeeeze

Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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24 Responses to Oh, Really….

  1. ladyapolline says:

    Do’nt be sad Charlie, coffee ‘s not good for your heart ! …

  2. Lauri says:

    I do not like coffee, Charlie, but I will make a cup just for you! 🙂
    *pet pet*

  3. Awwww, I have a feeling my expression is the exact same as Charlie’s this morning. 🙂

  4. akamonsoon says:

    Especially on a day like today being so close to the weekend and all!
    😉 Is that Charlie?

  5. geologywoman says:

    Button nose!

  6. Take five researchers, insert them into their lab, and let them discover that the coffee supply has been emptied by overworked gradstudents overnight. That’s the face you get! (And then you get told to run to the store and get more of the liquid gold, and buy some chocholate while you’re at it won’t you?”)

  7. Oh Charlie! I know! You hire all these humans to look after you, and they can’t even keep the coffee supply filled. Hmph.

  8. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oooh – this would be my face if there was no coffee at 10am!

  9. kimkiminy says:

    Haha – I know that face! Not fully awake yet.

  10. capnstephel says:

    I don’t like coffee, so that’s why

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