Two Grapes…

Two grapes in the hand….

Count “Em !!

Are better than TWO birds in the bush.


About LBeeeze

Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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17 Responses to Two Grapes…

  1. geologywoman says:

    Those are some weird looking grapes. Very green!

  2. jaklumen says:

    Oh snap, my mind is so in the sewer right now.

  3. Lauri says:


    *shifty eyes at jaklumen*

  4. akamonsoon says:

    Awww, what a cutie. He probably doesn’t know which one to eat first. 🙂

  5. capnstephel says:

    I have to agree with you there

  6. kimkiminy says:

    That? Is just about the cutest thang I ever saw…

  7. Aussie Emjay says:

    It looks as though it is going to attempt to juggle….

  8. So cute he can hold ’em 😛

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