Smelly Flying Fish…

Of course fish smell.  Just look at him sniffing those people.

Fishy Smell

Fishy Smell

 Fish fly.  Well…almost.

Flying Fish

Almost Flying

 And at&t is down

at&t Down

at&t Down Again


The Great Forest Park Balloon Race…Revisited


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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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26 Responses to Smelly Flying Fish…

  1. Cimmorene says:

    (giggles) These are very cute, even the captions.

  2. pyrit says:

    Up, up and away! I’ve been to hot air balloon festivals. Pretty cool! I’ve never seen the fishy or the at&t balloons. Who won the race?

    • LBeeeze says:

      Although I’ve seen the bunny and other balloons at a distance, this was the first time I attended the event. It was sooooo hot that day, but it was so exciting to see the bunny and the rest of the balloons rise into the air. Next year I’m going to the balloon glow.

      It was so hot and no wind, so it turned out that the Bunny only made it 1/2 mile. Many of the balloons never left the park. I’m not sure who actually dropped their bag of birdseed closest to the Bunny balloon once it had landed.

      Thanks so much!!! I can hardly wait for next year’s race!!

  3. Kzinti says:

    AT&T is always down… LOL

  4. robpixaday says:

    LOL….this is making me giggle. AND these are GORGEOUS pix!!!!!

  5. jaklumen says:

    Unfortunately, I missed the hot air balloons at the Prosser Balloon Rally– a day early or hours late, many dollars short, to turn a phrase. Next time… but we have many photos of the vendors at the Harvest Festival, and chalk art– Cimmy, Princess and I all took photos.

    Thanks for sharing all these great photos– eventually I’ll have some like these, too.

    • LBeeeze says:

      Oh, I’m sorry you missed the balloon rally. I know you were really looking forward to it. Most fortunately for us, the Great Forest Park Balloon Race is free. Isn’t that wonderful?!!

      So cool that you got so many great pics of the Harvest Festival. I look forward to your posts!!!

      Thanks very, very much!!!

  6. M-----l says:

    I used to have a t-shirt with that fish on it. I got it free back in the mid-90s for eating about twenty bags of those Fishy Crackers.

  7. littleoddme says:

    lol – I love the goldfish balloon. Cute!!

  8. silverchimes says:

    Apparently, fish wear sunglasses, too! 🙂

  9. homebody says:

    It looks like you had a fun day – great captions and colors! Balloons and goldfish crackers are two of my favorite things.

  10. capnstephel says:

    The snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off! They’re made with real cheese and shaped just like a fishy…

  11. akamonsoon says:

    Thats great! And it does appear that the fish is smelling the people. Neat-o!

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