Reluctant Bride….

Remember the elegant bride from the botanical garden?  She appeared very tense and wasn't the least bit thrilled at the sight of me and my camera.  See the guy in the back?  He's the photographer.  He laughed when he saw me, enthusiastically gestured, and encouraged me in an Italian accent to continue taking photographs. 

Later, it seemed perfectly apparent that this bride harbored no love for the lens.  Her photographer looked to be at a loss.  Even the tourists were confused by her reluctance.

It seemed that the wedding party had given up attempts to understand her ambivalence, as they aimlessly began wandering to and fro.  Her photographer, however, remained resilient…

When he spotted me with my camera ready, his enthusiasm returned.  See his hand with two raised fingers?  He smiled and gestured again and again.  I believe he wanted someone to capture his lovely, albeit reluctant bride.  As you can see, the tourists required no additional encouragement.

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4 Responses to Reluctant Bride….

  1. Cimmorene says:

    Mmm. Weddings are very stressful. I feel sorry for her. It's hard to be stressed and charming at the same time. Well, to be fair, it's hard for ME to be stressed and charming at the same time.

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Oh for sure. I felt sorry for her too.
    It was a complete surprise to see the bride coming down the path, so I just got one quick shot (the first one).
    The botanical garden is a very public place and there are lots of weddings and lots of people with cameras, so it's quite ordinary to snap photos of brides and wedding parties. They often stop for photos from complete strangers who offer congratulations, etc.
    I got the second and third shots later in the afternoon and was off to the side. I don't think the bride even noticed me, however the photographer did notice me and began gesturing for me to get more photos. I just smiled and walked away. I really hope her day got much better.
    Thanks very much for stopping by!!

  3. Emjay says:

    LOL – I don't think anyone in that wedding party looks very happy!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    I don't think so either. I hope people don't think I'm mean or that I was making fun of her. These were just my observations and the only three photos I captured. It was all very, very strange because I could see from accross the garden that the bride was leading the entire wedding party here, there, and everywhere, but it didn't appear as though she was talking to any of them or stopping for her photographer to take photos.
    The photographer's enthusiastic interaction with me was actually quite startling and unexpected.
    I hope the day got much, much better for all of them.
    Thanks sooooo much for stopping by!!!

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