Whaddah…what ??!!

Morrrrry….he's not moving !!!

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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22 Responses to Whaddah….

  1. Arrrrr! SQUEEE! pengueeeeens!

  2. {天使} says:

    [هذا هو الحكم]

  3. little miao says:

    they're definitely confuzzled!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    They made that lil' matey walk the plank….but he bounced soft !!!

  5. LBeeeze says:

    Awwwwwwww……it's ok…..he's not a real penquiner…..just a stuffied one !!

  6. LBeeeze says:

    But little do the pirate mates know…… stuffied penguiners get their own revenge !!!! YARRRRRRR !!!!!

  7. I hope it be lighter n' dust bunny revenge!

  8. LBeeeze says:


  9. Waterbaby says:

    poor penquies … birds of a feather don't always flock together when one's stuffed

  10. LBeeeze says:

    It's hard to flock when you're feeling stuffed…..hahahahaha !!! Thanks lots !!!

  11. Ivysgrandkid says:

    I bet this is what is going through his head.. I'm either playing dead or I'm in for a long fall!

  12. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahaha….and it's getting cold laying here on my back.

  13. Catalina says:

    Love the look on all their faces!

  14. LBeeeze says:

    LOL…..they do seem kind of befuddled !!! I wonder if they recognize that the stuffed on looks somewhat like they do.

  15. Elentari says:

    you know, scientists used to say that animals couldn't recognize shapes and their own image and the such…that they knew things by their other senses, rather than a visual recognition. I never agreed. (and I don't think that they are saying this anymore. I think they have new studies that show animals can do these things.)When we were in the vets office once, my dog went to the wallpaper, which alternated dogs and cats…and she went up to every dog and barked at it…skipping the cats. It was rather funny, and it proved to me that they can recognize their own kind and they can tell between different shapes.My dogs have done this many times, in many situations. :)I'm sure penguins would recognize their own kind too. :DAnd there is your weird trivia for the day. LOL 😀

  16. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahahaha….what a great story !!! I would have loved to have seen your dog barking at the wallpaper.

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