You weren't through with the paper ???

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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35 Responses to Whoops…

  1. {天使} says:

    [هذا هو الحكم]

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahaha….that's soooooo funny !!! What kind of work do you do ??

  3. this is a wombat? i didn't know what one looked like! he (she?) kind of looks like a pig hamster. hee hee.cuteness. :o) i love his little back legs.

  4. jaypo says:

    You naughty whoopsie-wombat! You silly chewy womboy! *hugs ball o' battiness)

  5. Darcy says:

    Cute little guy 🙂 I love the back legs too!!

  6. Melisa says:

    Cuuuutee wombat. Too bad there is not many of them anymore. The one I saw in Taronga Zoo last month was huuuuge.

  7. Morgat says:

    a wombatlet? a wombatlet paper shredder? me wants.

  8. OOOOHH!!! SO CUTE!!!! Is okay! I never read the sports section anyways!

  9. Emmi says:

    OMG how can you not forgive a face like that…..as my cat has taught me, that's what back-ups are for 😉
    Sooooo cute.

  10. That was actually the junk mail, so you're good! =)

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Yup….it's a wombat !!! I love everything about him. He's deadly cute !!

  12. LBeeeze says:

    He's just begging to be hugged….OMGosh….he's just so cute !!! : )

  13. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahaha….I love those stubby back legs too. Everything about his is so cute !!

  14. LBeeeze says:

    Awwwwwww….I love this little guy too. He almost looks like a little bear. : )

  15. LBeeeze says:

    I don't know much about them except they are native to Australia and the islands around Australia. How big do they get ??

  16. LBeeeze says:

    Me wants too….that exact same model !!!

  17. LBeeeze says:

    Who needs the sports section ??!!! All I need is the cute !!!

  18. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahaha…."that's what back-ups are for !!" Too funny. I know…he's totally forgiven as far as I'm concerned !!

  19. LBeeeze says:

    We're all good, so it's time for chocolate cake and pudding !!! Yeah !!!

  20. why does the newspaper not have a cute section? would be looked at more than the business section!

  21. LBeeeze says:

    Yeah….why not ??!!! It's a great idea….it would be the first page to get looked at….something to make us go awwwwww…and make us all feel so much better just to know there's cute and funny things in the world…..not just bad economic indicators !!!

  22. LBeeeze says:

    It's always time for chocolate cake and pudding !!! : )

  23. Hmmmm…. maybe I need to pitch this to the local papers, an ICHC type page, where people send in photos and captions. ICHC is so popular because people LOVE that kind of thing!

  24. LBeeeze says:

    Definitely !! Life can be so stressful and people need opportunities to have fun and look at fun things that make them laugh.

  25. ::looks up from a slice of chocolate cake:: Mph mmt mss! *swallow* Sorry, my mouf was full

  26. LBeeeze says:

    Hehehehehehehehehehehe !!! Very good !!

  27. It is just goodness, people are always up for goondess!!!

  28. ::salutes with a spoonful of pudding::

  29. LBeeeze says:

    A lot of people are in so much pain…..the world needs goodness. Lots and lots of goodness and cute !!!

  30. Waterbaby says:

    haha, i just saw this. long as he keeps his sharp little teeth off the classifieds …

  31. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahaha…no prob !!!

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