I Already Eat Like A Bird….

So personally…..

I don't find a vegan diet very satisfying….

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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33 Responses to I Already Eat Like A Bird….

  1. none says:

    Me either! :o) Cute little birdie!

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Hehehehehehe….it would be really hard to pass up those grilled hamburgers….and I'm allergic to soy so no can eat the soy burgers.
    Thanks !!!

  3. D.R. says:

    Askooz me, I orderd a burger, ekstra kechip. (Flicks wings) Ekstra. Okay? Thank you…

  4. Hee! Cute! I couldn't be a vegan either..

  5. Emmi says:

    Nice photo! Can't figure out the species for the life of me.

  6. none says:

    Soy burgers? how bout that Tofu? Ewe!Though I love veggies!

  7. What a sweet little chirper!

  8. I am kind of vegetarian, but I am not strict at all. I did find almond milk very good in my bowl of granola though

  9. Waterbaby says:

    Don't blame you one, Mr. Birdie. Here, a plate of worms just for you!

  10. LBeeeze says:

    LOL….THAT is soooooo funny !!!
    * flings wings and stomps little birdie foot *
    Thanks so much !!! : )

  11. LBeeeze says:

    At times I've thought I could….but don't think I could hang in there for very long…

  12. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks so much…..I'd also love to know what kind of cute birdie this is.
    : )

  13. LBeeeze says:

    I love fresh veggies too and all kinds of fresh fruit too, but I also believe I'll take a pass on the tofu….The word Tofu doesn't even sound like it would taste good…Tofu sounds too much like the stuff some people get between their toes…LOL !!

  14. LBeeeze says:

    Now that sounds good….what is almond milk ??!
    Thanks !!

  15. LBeeeze says:

    Awwwwwe….thank you very much !!

  16. LBeeeze says:

    Now that's something to hop around about !!
    Thanks !!

  17. Waterbaby says:

    slimey, errr, i mean, blimey, you're right!!

  18. LBeeeze says:

    Slimey, blimey, and a bucket of goo too !!

  19. none says:

    ahhh gross man! lol!

  20. I love cheese and chicken and all those things too much

  21. it is a milk alternative, soy always makes my tummy hurt so I use almond milk. It is Yummy!

  22. LBeeeze says:

    LOL……some birds like that !!

  23. LBeeeze says:

    Meeeeee too !!
    Thanks !!!

  24. LBeeeze says:

    Is it really made from almonds ?? I am allergic to soy and have to check labels…there are sooooo many foods (cereal, etc.) that have soy….
    It's kind of hard to eat vegan if you're allergic to soy…..but I really like cute birdies !! : )

  25. none says:

    huh, never tried.

  26. LBeeeze says:

    I wanna know if it comes in dark chocolate !!

  27. Haha! I love the birdies too, they like to eat bugs, so no vegan living for the sweet birdies. Yup, almond milk is made with almonds. A friend of mine makes her own, you take water and soak the almonds in that for a long time (overnight i think) then drain that water, put swollen almonds in a blender and add a little more water, puree, then you take some cheesecloth or nylons or something and squeeze the liquid out of the pureed almonds, and there you have it! Almond milk! Or you can do it the way I do, I buy it at the store, they keep it next to the soy milk. 😉 It is nice, high in calcium and vitamin D like milk, but not dairy. You see the Homogenization of milk has made milk dangerous for us, like the transfats, they bust up the milk fat that changes the milecular structure of it, so you dont have to shake it to mix the cream (which always rises to the top) Genius invention, this technology caught on quickly and then when it was common, heart disease all of a sudden increased by 4 times

  28. LBeeeze says:

    That sounds really good !!!
    I totally agree with you……milk isn't very healthy any more…..cept milk straight from the cow is really, really good for baby cows….LOL !!

  29. none says:

    I like dark chocolate… I dont like the Milk Chocolate ahem chocolate.ewe chocolate tofu!

  30. LBeeeze says:

    Oh, no….say it ain't so !! Chocolate tofu….ewe !!!

  31. It really is, depending on what the farmer fed and injected into the momma cow. sick really how much they mess with the animals now.

  32. LBeeeze says:

    That's true too. If mom cows get loads of antibiotics and growth hormones it can't be too healthy for baby cows.

  33. I wonder how that type of farming became cheaper to do…….

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