Likes It Lots….

I likes it lots…..

I likes the way you think !!!

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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33 Responses to Likes It Lots….

  1. Oh so gorgeous!And funny, too.I love these guys–you find the best pix!!!!!

  2. Waterbaby says:

    S/he looks like a cool Elvis ahead of the times in the owl community.

  3. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks so much….you're so kind !!
    You can see more of Klaus Nigge's incredible work at National Geographic's award winning site. I love it….it's my second favorite site….Vox being my first, cause I've got such great neighbors here. In fact, when I meet people in real life, I tell them Robbbiedobbbie is my neighbor. They always say the same thing, "THE Robbbiedobbbie ??!!" That's when I tell them, "Is there any other ??" Then I think to myself….how silly….
    Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!

  4. Haha! Looks like the way my granny looked at me when I was a teenager, I wore some strange things back then

  5. You just had to look at it from a different perspective? ;)And I LUFF your banner!

  6. Carlisa says:

    "You has swimmer's ear, too?"

  7. LBeeeze says:

    LOL !!!! Definitely a trend setter, not just an early adopter !! Bet he/she definitely has the moves !!!

  8. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahahaha !!!! Doesn't life get so much better when we can learn to laugh at ourselves ??!!! Hahahahaha….
    Thanks so much !!

  9. LBeeeze says:

    Absolutely !!! Hahahahaha…..I think a perfect description of myself….I tend to see things in a different way than most people….or maybe I'm just "seeing things ??!!" Oh, my…..I didn't think of that…. : 0
    Thanks lots !!
    Oh…..I finally remembered how to put the font right on the banner…..I'm so excited… was so much fun to do….more to come I'm sure !!!

  10. LBeeeze says:

    No, not swimmer's ear….I think I'm just a little off balance….
    Hahahahahahaha !!!!

  11. Haha! What if we're all "seeing things" but they're the same things? 😉 I have the same tendencies you do sometimes. It's fun.And how cool! I had no idea you could change fonts. Is it by way of using html? Or is there something that I'm missing?

  12. LBeeeze says:

    Wouldn't you just LOVE to see one in the wild ??!!!
    That just reminds me of something….
    This guy is a Philippine Eagle. I just remembered that last Sunday we were driving home and an eagle flew right over the car. It was way to big to be a hawk and definitely not a vulture….it was close enough to see it's feathers clearly, and vulture's feathers are kind of splayed. The eagle didn't have a white head, and was way to big to be a young bald eagle, so I'm guessing it was a golden eagle. I didn't use to think we had golden eagles here in Missouri, but I read recently that we do… Also, when it floods as much as it's flooding now we do see wildlife and birds that we don't normally see.

  13. Waterbaby says:

    that makes sense. what a sight that must've been.

  14. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahaha…..I never wanted to be like everyone else….even when I was little, little, little !! I thought it would be just awful to be like everyone else. I used to totally avoid anything trendy cause I'd always get this tremendous feeling of mortification that people might think I'm just like everyone else…
    Of course I was way, way, into adulthood before I realized how unusual that is….to truly have a need and want to be "myself." And now I feel comfortable enough in my own skin that I can even go with trendy sometimes….cause I don't have to care what people think…
    Oh, the font is way sooooooooo easy !!! I copy the photos into Paint cause it's just so easy to work with and I haven't had the patience to learn another graphics program. Then you can write something in Word and paste it right on the photo. The part I didn't remember before is if you want to make the background of the font transparent, you just click on the transparent-background button on the bottom left of Paint. Ta-da !!! So easy !!!!

  15. LBeeeze says:

    It was !!! I'm like a little kid….I get so excited. We have Great Blue Herons here (I'm sure because of the rivers). Even though I see them often, it just grips me every time !!

  16. D.R. says:

    Art museum bird takes time to contemplate a painting.

  17. Thanks for the tip! I've never used Paint….I really enjoy Gimp. Hehe. I should try it at some point though =)I was the opposite of you…I wanted to be following the trends and all that. Now I don't want to be like everyone else. What's the fun in that?

  18. none says:

    Very cool bird..good caption too!

  19. LBeeeze says:

    D.R. !!! So good to see you !!!
    That's funny…a contemplative feathered art critic….the best kind !!

  20. LBeeeze says:

    I'm so glad you understand !!!

  21. LBeeeze says:

    Gimp ??? I've never heard of it, but it sounds fun. I'll check it out. Yeah, what's the fun in that !!!

  22. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks so much !!!

  23. You will enjoy it! You can sparkle pics and also turn them into fractals!

  24. Oh goodness if you did not laugh at ourselves it would be such a depressing place to be!

  25. LBeeeze says:

    I downloaded it and started playing with it…. Yonkers !!! It's going to take some practice, but it seems lots more intuitive than the other graphics programs I've tried. Take another looksee at the banner…. I used GIMP to add the font, and the edges of the font are so much smoother….NICE !!! Thanks so much for the for the suggestion !!

  26. Very nice! *applause* Now you should go play with the different filters. That's where the fun is at

  27. LBeeeze says:

    I made another banner with Gimp… It's going to be lots of fun once I get the hang of it.

  28. LBeeeze says:

    I made a couple more…..yikes….I'm learning by trial and error, but I wish I could always remember how I did what ever it was I did the last time I did it…..
    Hahahaha….ooooooo…I've gotten really frustrated a coule times, but it still seems much more user friendly that any of the other multifunctional graphics manipulation programs I've tried before.
    Gosh, doesn't that sound so foo-foo software analyst like….Once in awhile I can sound like I know what I'm doing…hahahahaha !!!

  29. I know the feeling. I don't always remember what I did to get something either! And you're just using your analyzing skillz 😉

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