Saves The Day…

I will saves the day !!!

I get the worms right away !!!

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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9 Responses to Saves The Day…

  1. What a great shot! The bird totally looks like she does not really want to leave

  2. LBeeeze says:

    For sure….the photographer snapped at just the right moment. BTW…I included the URL for the photo in the photo details.
    Thanks lots !!

  3. little miao says:

    That looks like a super-bird pose. So heroic!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks !! Super-bird will save the day !!

  5. Tammie says:

    Brings backs lots of worms- us are very hungry!!!!

  6. LBeeeze says:

    Bluebirdie is on his way to save the day !!!
    Thanks so much !!

  7. Waterbaby says:

    perfect-o timing; s/he does look like a mini-superman determinedly off to save the world or rescue a feathered damsel in distress.

  8. LBeeeze says:

    His unfurled wings look like a cape. The photographer (I can't remember the name, but it's in the photo details) got a great shot.

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