I Gots One !!!

Lookit  !!    I gots one right here  !!!

St. Louis Zoo

You likes my soft nosie ??!!

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Laughing makes life sweeter....especially the stinky hard parts.
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33 Responses to I Gots One !!!

  1. What a face~! Those eyes! That nose! And yes, it really does look so soft!

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks !!! She's new at the St. Louis Zoo…I'm going to have to go see her. I would love to rub that nose and give it a big kiss !!!

  3. *THUD*I cannot pull myself up! So Cute! Want to snorgle that face!!!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha….Thanks !!! Me too !!! : )

  5. brownamazon says:

    Heee, I loves me some wild ass 😛

  6. Somali wild ass for the win!!!

  7. Waterbaby says:

    ohhhh, the scent of fresh alfalfa! or something. adorable.

  8. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks !!! Everybody needs a little Wild Ass sometimes !!! : )

  9. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahahah….you can see her whiskers !!! I bet she loves alfalfa !!
    Thanks : )

  10. little miao says:

    Awwww… I bet she's really velvety.

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks so much !! Wouldn't you just love to rub that nosie ??!! Hahahahahahaha !!

  12. Waterbaby says:

    or … she's alert to the approach of a human and not overly keen on it …

  13. LBeeeze says:

    That might be it…it does look like she's sniffing the air….she sure looks cute doing it !! : )

  14. Waterbaby says:

    never thought she was doing anything *but* sniffing the air or honing in on some environmental factor …

  15. LBeeeze says:

    Yeah….me too…..but that nosie is just so cute, you can't help but imagine she's showing it off !! : )

  16. Annie says:

    Such a high class softey hehehe…. excellent pic.

  17. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahaha….she certianly has her nose in the air !!!
    Thanks !!

  18. Ivysgrandkid says:

    such a proud donkey!! reminds me of the donkey from shrek haha *touches nose*

  19. Lauri says:

    Oooo, lookit HER!!! So regal. And so smooth. She looks as if she has been groomed!!Lol at the "wild ass" comments!

  20. Lucy says:

    Eeyore? I just want to nuzzle and snuggle it


  21. That face needs a big kiss!

  22. LBeeeze says:

    Thanks !! She does have that "Your Highness" quality about her. doesn't she ??!!

  23. LBeeeze says:

    Daisy, you are so right !!!

  24. Carlisa says:

    You guyses gots it all wrong! It's a new fad that's sweeping the nation. All the animals are doing it- It's called *snobbing* Look here and here They MUST be stopped!

  25. lol — Carlisa! I had no idea about this fad! Those pesky critters– what next??? Will they be driving Beemers and booking round the world cruises??? Pish-posh — it's that nouveau riche thing ….. they've just taken it to a snootily new level!!*waves to LBeeeze and Softnosie*

  26. LBeeeze says:

    Hahahahahahahaha….For sure…someone MUST put an end to this !!! That is so funny !!! Thanks for the links.

  27. LBeeeze says:

    No, they'll be expecting US to drive them around in their Beemers…
    *to be so lucky !!*

  28. Carlisa says:

    LOL! I can see "Softnosie* saying– "Pish-posh! Bring me a spot of tea!"

  29. Carlisa says:

    …and buy the gas, too!

  30. LBeeeze says:

    Make that two spots !! Hahaha

  31. LBeeeze says:

    And the sodeez, and popcorn too !!

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